Valrhona Noir Caraibe 66%

Valrhona Noir Caraibe 66%

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Product description

Caraïbe is a dark one Chocolate from the French manufacturer Valrhona. Caraibe has long been popular among chocolate lovers - its rounded and mild taste is convincing.
This chocolate belongs to the "Mariage de Grands Crus" line for which Valrhona fine cocoa from different countries of origin is used and combined to create a particularly fine aroma.

Product information

Content 85 grams
Cocoa content 66%

Cocoa beans, sugar, hazelnuts, cocoa butter, butter concentrate (milk), soy lecithin, natural vanilla extract



Nutritional values ​​

100g contain: F3tt 43g of which total. Fatty acids 23g, carbohydrates 35 of which sugar 30g, protein: 9.1g, salt 0.02g



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