Xocolat Dunkler Nougat
Tafel Dunkler Nougat
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Tafel Dunkler Nougat

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Product description

Fully aromatic hazelnut nougat or - as the Italian name says - gianduja, refined with fine-tart chocolate. Tempered by hand and painted in molds. The nougat for this table contains at least 38% hazelnuts and thus exceeds the regulations of the Austrian food book Codex Alimentarius Austriacus, , which requires a nut content of 35% for the highest nougat quality mentioned - the "Viennese nougat". The hazelnuts are not too lightly roasted, which gives the nougat additional flavor. Last but not least, the relatively low addition of only 5% cocoa butter contributes to the full aroma of this bar. Like all other products from the Xocolat manufactory, the nougat tablets are free of foreign fats. The use of such fats - such as palm oil or other vegetable oil - would be permitted to a small extent by law, but in the pursuit of the highest quality, such additives are strongly rejected by Xocolat.

Product information

Content 90 grams

Sugar, hazelnuts, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, emulgators: sun flower and soy lecithin, natural vanilla aroma


Hazelnuts, gluten, milk. Can contain traces of other nuts.


100g contain: 536 kcal/2246 kJ; Fat 35 g,ofwhich saturated fatty acids:7 g; carbohydrates: 46 g, ofwhich sugar: 46 g; protein: 6 g; salt: 0,1 g



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