Marzipankartoffeln aus der Xocolat Manufaktur

Marzipankartoffeln aus der Xocolat Manufaktur

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Product description

Delicate candied bergamot, which is refined by hand with 70% Criollo chocolate in the Xocolat factory.

product information

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clementines, sugar, cocoa mass, glucose syrup, cocoa butter, thickener: gum arabic, emulsifier: soy lecithin

Content 150 grams
Cocoa content 70% (in chocolate)

In the Xocolat manufactory, nuts, peanuts as well as ingredients containing gluten and milk protein are also processed. Traces of this can also be contained in this product.

Nutritional values ​​

100g contain: 1647kj / 393kcal, Fat: 14g of which saturated fatty acids: 9g, carbohydrates: 61g of which sugar: 58g, protein: 3g, salt: 0.01g



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