Chocolat Bonnat weiße Schokolade Ivoire

Chocolat Bonnat weiße Schokolade Ivoire

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Prouct description

Chuao from Chocolat Bonnat is made from the finest cocoa bean, the Criollo. Their aromas and melting are fine which rounds off the strong taste. The name "Chuao" refers to that village in Venezuela in the vicinity of which the cocoa trees can be found, from whose beans this fine dark chocolate is made. Venezuela is one of the producers of the highest quality cocoa worldwide.


Product information

Inhalt 100 grams
Cocoa content 75%

cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar


Free of peanuts and hazelnuts

Nutritional values

100g contain: 2501kj / 603kcal, 46g fat thereof 29.65 g saturated fatty acids, 42.6g carbohydrates including 25.9g sugar, protein: 8.8g, salt: 0.01g



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