Osterschokolade Erdbeer-Joghurt
Osterschokolade Erdbeer-Joghurt
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Osterschokolade Erdbeer-Joghurt

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Product description

The aromatically attractive combination of strawberries, yoghurt and white chocolate (at least 30% cocoa butter). Gently dried strawberry pieces in chocolate with a beguiling sweetness. A dash of yoghurt brings a touch of acid into the aroma play. Strawberry yogurt is one of the most beautiful aroma harmonies in the realm of sweet delights. Here the yogurt is already in powder form in the white chocolate and replaces part of the milk powder there. This results in a delicately sour accent in the sweet white chocolate, which is made with pure cocoa butter (i.e. without the addition of foreign fats). In addition to the fruity strawberry crispies, this table also contains yoghurt crisps, for which freeze-dried yoghurt is converted into an ingredient with a light, fine, splintering consistency in a special process.

Product information


70 grams

Cocoa content



Sugar, cocoa butter, Milk powder, strawberry crisps, yoghurt crisps, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavor.


milk , Soy. May contain traces of gluten and nuts.

Nutritional values ​​

Contains 100 g: 470 kcal / 1969 kJ ; Fat 35 g, of which saturated fatty acids 21 g; Carbohydrates 53 g, thereof sugar 51 g; Protein 7 g; Salt 0.2 g



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