Xocolat Milchschokolade Tafeln Kollektion
Xocolat Milchschokolade Kollektion
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Xocolat Milchschokolade Kollektion

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Product description

A fine variation of milk chocolates from the Xocolat Manufaktur in Vienna.

These 3 milk chocolates have a common denominator and yet they differ in 6 bars of dark chocolate of different intensity, connected by the high quality of their origin and the manual tempering in the Xocolat Manufaktur.

A blend of milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Strong brown in color and hearty aromatic on the palate. For this slim bar, chocolates of different characters are tempered together in order to give the delicate melt and sweetness of milk chocolate a distinct, if not roasted, sour or tannic cocoa taste. For everyone who appreciates the harmony of milk chocolate and wants to feel the distinct aromas of cocoa on the palate.
42% cocoa

Mild milk chocolate with the delicate taste of hazelnuts. For this composition, the nuts are finely rolled and conched together with the ground cocoa beans so that they are no longer perceived as pieces, but only in their aroma.
A classic combination in an exquisite design.
35% cocoa

Particularly intense chocolate with a bitter aroma and a long finish. A specialty for everyone who appreciates a really strong cocoa taste.
80% cocoa


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